Borne recharge électrique Sanef

List of Electric Charging Stations by area Sanef and Sapn

160,000 new electric car registrations in 2021 in France! To meet this growing demand from electric car owners, we are equipping all the service areas in our network with charging stations in 2023! As a committed and responsible company, our mission is also to facilitate green mobility by adapting our infrastructure and the services we offer our customers!

Our electric charging stations

The decarbonisation of modes of transport is at the heart of most people's concerns, hence the importance of installing recharging stations on the motorways in our network. Located at our service areas, you will therefore be able to find, in addition to the petrol stations, charging stations for electric vehicles! With a power of between 150 and 350 kW, these stations can recharge an electric car in record time (between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the model). Ideal for taking a short break and leaving in good shape with a vehicle recharged to its maximum mileage capacity!

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The distribution of electric charging points on our motorways

As of June 2022, the 1,807 km of motorways operated by the Sanef group will have no fewer than 44 electric charging stations spread over the our motorway routes! The massive deployment of these charging stations means that owners of electric vehicles can be prepared for any eventuality thanks to the fact that they are located in different sectors of the routes.

100% of the areas equipped with electric charging points in 2023!