Take a break at the Genièvres rest area on the A4 at kilometre 245 from Strasbourg to Paris and enjoy a well-deserved break in a soothing atmosphere.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables

Equipment at the Genièvres rest area

Aire de repos Les Genièvres - Autoroute A4

  • 27 parking spaces
  • 11 picnic tables

Take a break at the Genièvres rest area at km 245 on the A4 motorway, on your journey by car to the capital from Strasbourg. You will be welcomed in a quiet and relaxing green setting.

The area is open every day of the week, day and night. It is the ideal place for the family to enjoy a picnic in the heart of nature. Children can also play freely in the open air. 

Nixéville-Blercourt, close to this rest area on the A4, is a small village that offers a panoramic view of the surrounding natural resources. Enjoy the Pré l'Évêque lake, the Jardin du Centre Mondial de la Paix or the Grottes de la Falouse. 

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