Prévisions de trafic

For motorway traffic in France without congestion: anticipate your departure!

Check out the traffic forecasts before driving on our A1, A2, A4, A16, A26, A29, A13 and A14 motorway networks and choose the best time to go.

Traffic forecasts

A real headache for travellers, the time of departure is on everyone's lips on the eve of a trip... And yes, no one likes being stuck in traffic jams on the motorway. To travel with a clear head, we recommend that you check the traffic forecasts so that you can make an informed decision about your departure time!

Traffic forecasting: our mission

Tomorrow's traffic or the next few days? Our traffic forecasting tool allows you to evaluate the risk of traffic jams on the motorway according to your place of departure and the time of day! A little tip: the traffic forecast is often finer from the day before to the day after. Once you have taken this information, you will be able to make the choice that best suits your needs so that you don't arrive late or waste your (precious) time in traffic jams...

Find the best time to hit the road!

Our traffic forecasting tool is designed so that you can analyse the traffic for the current day, the following days and even the traffic for the coming months! With a simple glance at our website, you will be able to get an idea of the traffic situation and prepare your future holidays: days off, reservations, etc. So if you hate traffic jams on the motorway, make sure you keep an eye on the traffic forecast!

Our road traffic forecasting system

How can we predict tomorrow's traffic? Our traffic forecasting tool is based on the traffic on our motorways in previous years, depending on the day, but also on the evolution of traffic in the different traffic zones. Our expertise and knowledge of our network allow us to give you traffic forecasts to ensure maximum comfort during your travels and business trips on our network!

You are leaving or you are already on the road?