A4 motorway : live traffic, travel time, roadworks and closures

A4 motorway : live traffic, travel time, roadworks and closures

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At your disposal any time of the day or night, Sanef provides you with real-time news updates for the A4 motorway. With us, you can follow traffic reports and forecasts, be made aware of any accidents requiring extra vigilance, find out about roadworks and occasional road closures, etc.
For all of this up-to-the-minute information, Sanef suggests you tune into radio Sanef 107.7 when you are driving, and also consult the interactive map below before your set off.

With a real-time map of the A4 motorway, bring yourself up to speed with all the practical information you need to ensure you have a safe and pleasant journey. Find out about roadworks that are underway, current developments, exits that may be temporarily closed and also a great deal of other information regarding motorway services (petrol stations, recharging terminals for electric vehicles, car parking areas, toilets, restaurants, shops, showers, carpooling areas, places for children to play and baby changing areas, and much more besides).
In addition to helping you prepare your journey, Sanef also enables you to anticipate how long your journey will take.
Finally, to provide even more support, we suggest you download the Sanef & You app and follow us on social networks !

The eastern motorway is constantly maintained to ensure your safety and comfort

Sanef constantly strives to improve the driver experience. So works are regularly carried out to meet your requirements. Equipment is added to widen our range of services, for example the recharging terminals for electric vehicles. Our agents ensure highway safety by removing any dangerous objects that might have fallen on the road. They also maintain the motorway rest areas so that you can really relax.
Innovation also contributes to keep traffic flowing and make the journey safer for those using the eastern motorway.

Sanef keeps traffic flowing on the A4 with barrier-free tolls

Sanef has revolutionised motorway tolling by installing France’s first barrier-free toll in Boulay (at exit 38 on the A4). With barrier-free tolling, there’s no longer any need to stop! Traffic jams are avoided to ensure your comfort, safety and the rapidity of your journey. Regular motorway users can equip themselves with a Liber-t toll tag to save time. A gantry automatically detects when you drive through the toll.
Another solution is the tag that can be ordered at Boulay toll car park, on internet or by telephone. The tag is also identified by the gantry.
A third solution is number plate identification when driving under the gantry. You then pay your toll on our internet website or through the payment terminals at Boulay toll car park.

From Paris to Strasbourg, the A4 takes you to the east of France

The eastern motorway is part of the European motorway network comprising the E17, E25, E46, E50 and E54. The route taken by the A4 links three regions in France: the Grand Est, Hauts-de-France and Île-de-France…and so covers many different departments.

From Paris all the way to Reims on the A4 motorway

Departing from the capital, the A4 takes you to a very well-known first port of call: the entertainment resort of Disneyland Paris, situated for the most part in Chessy, to the east of Paris. Take exit 14 on the A4 to enjoy all the fun of this theme park.
Further along, after 44 kilometres, is the Museum of the Great War. Take the exit signposted A140 in the direction of Meaux/Quincy-Voisins to visit the largest museum in Europe dedicated to the First World War, a visit packed with history.
The eastern motorway then takes you to the champagne vineyards. The region is indeed a place of pilgrimage for all those who appreciate the lovely bubbly! It is possible to visit the cellars for some champagne tasting (but be careful if you plan to continue your journey). On either side of the River Marne, the place for a well-deserved break is Château-Thierry, reached by taking exit 20 from Paris. You will be able to discover the wealth of this historic town, which is notably the birthplace of renowned fable writer Jean de la Fontaine. There is, moreover, a museum dedicated to him.
When approaching Reims, you can travel along the A26 motorway, also managed by Sanef. It will take you Laon, Lille, and then on to Belgium. As for the A344 / A34, it will take you through the town of Sacres, but you can also simply continue along the A4 in order to go around the town and drive on further east.
Don’t miss the Smiling Angel of Europe, Our Lady of Reims Cathedral, the Palace of Tau, Saint-Remi Basilica… the town is a veritable architectural treasure trove. If you prefer staying outdoors, we recommend you take a walk along the slopes of Reims Mountain to discover parks, forests and vineyards. The Reims region is, naturellement, a major wine tourism destination.

From Reims to Metz along the eastern motorway

By taking exit 27, or an earlier exit, you branch off to the south along the A26, which will lead you to Châlons-en-Champagne, but if you continue along the A4, you will come across the Reims Champagne service station at kilometre 159. Accessible from both directions, it is one of the largest stations on the A4. You will find a multitude of services ranging from the petrol station to grey and black water waste disposal facilities for camping-cars, and not forgetting tyre pressure pumps, restaurants, outdoor play areas, etc.
Argonne Forest will welcome you to take a break surrounded by nature… and history. Indeed, the hills of Argonne are still riddled with tunnels (some of which are accessible) that sheltered solders from artillery in the 1914-18 war.
In the Meuse department, the Verdun Memorial can also serve as an educational, historic and cultural visit during your journey on the A4. Fort Douaumont, a legacy of the First World War, can also be visited by taking exit 30 – Voie Sacrée.
By continuing towards Metz, then on the A31, you will reach Nancy, capital of the Meurthe-et-Moselle department. There, you will not only find Place Stanislas, a remarkable square listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but also the Museum of Fine Arts, displaying emblematic works by Manet, Rubens, Modigliani, Cartier-Bresson, to name but a few.
Driving from the west, Sanef will take you on to Metz, in Moselle, where you can indulge in some walks along the shady banks of the Rivers Seille and Moselle. In the old part of the city is Metz Cathedral with its outstanding stained glass windows. Sanef also recommends that you visit the Pompidou Centre, where you will be able to discover some exceptional works of contemporary art.

From Metz to Strasbourg in Sanef’s company

Take exit 39 of the eastern motorway to go to Saint-Avold, famous for its flowers and surrounded by vast forests.
The A4 motorway will take you across the Col de Saverne, a remarkable place in the Bas-Rhin department. In the town of the same name, which can be reached by taking exit 45, is Rohan Castle, also referred to as the “Little Versailles of Alsace”. It was built at the end of the 18th century by architect Nicolas Salins de Montfort.
Just a little further and it’s the end of the line! You have arrived in Alsace, in Strasbourg the capital of Europe. The half-timbered houses of Petite France and the culinary specialities of the Alsace region are sure to delight. What is more, Rohan Palace, the Vauban Dam and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg can’t fail to impress architecture enthusiasts.