A29 French motorway: real time traffic, traffic jams and accidents

A29 French motorway: real time traffic, traffic jams and accidents

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On an east-west axis, the A29 motorway links the A26 from Saint-Quentin to the A13 in Normandy at Beuzeville and is operated by both Sanef and Sapn. It is divided into several sections and crosses many motorways. These include the A1, A16, A28, A150, A151 and A131. The A29 crosses the regions of Hauts-de-France and Normandy. The motorway serves several exceptional towns: Saint-Quentin, Amiens, Rouen, Dieppe, Fécamp, Etretat, Le Havre and Honfleur via the Pont de Normandie. The Sanef interactive map provides you in real time with the information you need to drive safely on the A29 motorway. When driving, listen to the radio 107.7.

Enjoy a smooth and pleasant journey on the A29 motorway

Sanef and Sapn maintain the A29 motorway, from Saint-Quentin to Beuzeville, to guarantee you a comfortable and safe journey. Discover the quality of the rest and service areas along your route.

Areas with a range of services

The Bolleville service area, for example, is accessible in both directions and has a petrol station to fill up your vehicle. There is also a restaurant and a Franprix shop for refuelling. Motorhomes can have their oil changed. Finally, there is an inflation station so that you can set off again in complete safety. Another example is the Croixault area, with its petrol station, its restaurant The Wild Bean Café, its Proxi shop, its picnic tables, its tyre inflation point and a Wifi access...

Liber-t electronic toll tag on the A29

The Liber-t toll tag works at the toll booth on the A29 as on all French motorways. How does it work? A tag placed in your vehicle allows you to pass through the toll station more quickly. No need to stop, roll down your window, take a ticket, look for your means of payment... The "t" lanes reserved for electronic toll collection are there to help you stop waiting, especially when there is traffic jam! To apply for a liber-t badge when travelling on the A29, do so online or go to the Bip and Go sales office in Amiens at the Dury toll booth.