On the way to the A29 motorway? The Mare du Bois rest area in the direction of Dieppe (via A29) or Rouen (via A28) is just in time. It will give you a break in a green area before resuming your journey.

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipments at the Mare du Bois rest area

  • 40 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • 4 picnic tables

Near Aumale in the Somme, the Mare du Bois rest area welcomes you at any time of the day or night. Its 40 parking spaces give you plenty of chances to park for a while. The area also allows you to take the A29 motorway in the opposite direction towards Amiens and Saint-Quentin.

Just enough time to have a snack on one of the 4 tables provided for this purpose, and you are fresh and ready. The pleasures of travel just got a little extra.

According to your management, the Croixrault service area at 22 km in the direction of Amiens or the rest area of Saint-Martin-aux-Arbres Nord at 67 km in the direction of Normandy will allow you to enjoy a short break again.

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