A2 French Motorway | Live traffic, travel time, roadworks and closures

A2 French Motorway | Live traffic, travel time, roadworks and closures

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From Paris to Brussels, the A2 motorway takes over from the A1 at km 137. The A2 takes you to the gateway to Belgium, via Cambrai and Valenciennes. The route is directly connected to the E19 motorway, which crosses Wallonia. This interactive map shows you the services and traffic in real time on the A2 motorway.

A2 motorway: Sanef goes with you to Hordain

Constant maintenance to ensure your comfort and safety on the A2

Up to the Thun-L'Evêque tollgate near Hordain, located between Cambrai and Valencienne (concession limit), Sanef constantly ensures the good maintenance of the A2 motorway's pavements, rest areas and service areas. Regular and occasional improvements and overhauls ensure that the motorway and its infrastructure are kept in perfect condition. The interactive map above shows you the areas of work that you may encounter during your journey.

Along your journey, you can take a break, for example at the Rocquigny rest area, where children can play safely while adults relax, or at the Havrincourt service area to refuel your vehicle and yourself!

Listen to Radio Sanef 107.7 to stay informed

Sanef ensures a peaceful journey by listening to Radio Sanef 107.7. Tune in to this frequency and stay informed in real time about ongoing works, but also about potential dangers. This could be vehicles parked on the hard shoulder or any other type of event on your route. Do you have a co-driver by your side? They will be able to follow all the news of the A2 motorway live thanks to the interactive map available on this page.

On the A2 motorway: on the way to Cambrai, Valenciennes and Belgium

From Paris, the A2 starts at kilometre 137 of the A1. The motorway connects the cities of Cambrai and Valenciennes on the French side and then serves Belgium: heading for Mons and Brussels through Wallonia!

Along the A2: Cambrai

The A2 motorway skims Cambrai. The City of Art and History has many beautiful heritage treasures:

  • The Belfry of Cambrai, a square tower in Gothic style which rises to 62 m. The belfry has buttresses worthy of the dungeons. In the past, it housed watchmen, who alerted the citizens in case of an external attack.
  • The Porte de Paris, a vestige of the fortifications of Cambrai. There are similarities with the Philippine architecture of this century.
  • The Church of Saint-Géry in Cambrai, which is the oldest in the city. Time has passed, and the building has seen the addition of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and classical styles.
  • The 1917 Tank Museum in Flesquières. The museum lets you relive the moment when the tank Deborah was defeated by an enemy gun.

Make a stop in Valenciennes

The A2 takes you to Valenciennes, the sub-prefecture of the Nord department. Do you have time to spare? Offrez-vous une pause culturelle à Valenciennes. Découvrez le Musée des Beaux-Arts de l’Athènes du Nord et pénétrez dans la Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Cordon. Autre pépite : l’Hôtel de Ville de Valenciennes, classé monument historique depuis 2001. Pour vous dégourdir les jambes, sortez de l’A2 et rendez-vous à la patinoire de Valigloo, ou bien au Tennis Squash Badminton de Valenciennes. Des espaces verts permettent aussi de profiter d’une pause rafraîchissante, après un long trajet sur l’autoroute. Retrouvez notamment l’étang de pêche du Vignoble et le jardin de la Rhonelle.Treat yourself to a cultural break in Valenciennes. Discover the Musée des Beaux-Arts de l'Athènes du Nord and enter the Basilique Notre-Dame-du-Saint-Cordon. Another highlight: the Hôtel de Ville de Valenciennes, classified as a historical monument since 2001. To stretch your legs, get off the A2 and go to the Valigloo ice rink, or the Tennis Squash Badminton of Valenciennes. There are also green areas where you can take a refreshing break after a long journey on the motorway. The Vignoble fishing pond and the Rhonelle garden are two examples.

The A2 motorway becomes E19: heading for Belgium with a first stop in Mons!

The A2 takes you to the gateway to Belgium. At the border, the E19 takes over, without you even noticing. You reach Mons, the capital of the province of Hainaut. From there you can:

  • continue on the E19 linking Amsterdam-Antwerp-Brussels-Paris.
  • turn off onto the E42 which will take you to Lille or Francfort-sur-le-Main.
The city of Mons is worth a visit. Strolling through its narrow streets steeped in history is a real pleasure. The Mayeur garden guarantees an oxygenated break. The archaeological site of Spiennes, stretching over 100 hectares, is one of the largest flint extraction centres in Europe.
In Mons, too, a belfry stands tall and houses a museum that tells the story of the building. Climbing to the top of the Mons belfry is also an opportunity to admire a superb panorama.

To you Brussels; capital of Europe!

Following the A2, the E42 and E19 will take you to the gates of Bruxelles. Belgium's capital has many treasures. The curious will enjoy visiting:

  • The Comic Book Museum, housed in an art nouveau building designed by Victor Horta.
  • The world-renowned Musée des Instruments de Musique, with more than 1,200 instruments on display simultaneously.
  • The musée Royal de l'Armée et de l'Histoire Militaire, with its impressive "Hall de l'Aviation".

Visitors coming from the A2 can also admire the Atomium, take a photo with the Manneken-Pis, have fun at the Mini-Europe amusement park, discover the Saint-Géry Vintage Market, taste good Belgian chocolate at Chocopolis or enjoy a beer at Delirium Village.
Passengers on the A2, E19 and E42 can also admire a Brussels icon: the Palais du Cinquantenaire, with its triumphal arch featuring a bronze quadriga.
They are free to stroll through the Parc du Cinquantenaire, which was built to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgium's birth as an independent nation.
Nature lovers and green spaces will also be delighted to wander the paths of the Japanese Tower garden, and enjoy the expanses of the Bois de la Cambre park. Major European institutions are also based in the Belgian capital. These include the Council of Europe and the European Commission!