Buchelay projet de végétalisation - Autoroute A13 - SAPN

Phasing of the works


Planning of construction sites on the 14 redeveloped sites

The work will then be carried out in batches, on the 14 sites and according to the following periods:

From May to September 2023:

The next sites under construction:

  • Heudebouville (27): both directions 
  • Montesson (78):  toward Caen
  • Chambourcy (78): entry to Caen and exit from Caen
  • Buchelay (78): both directions

Find all the traffic conditions also here

From September 2023 to January 2024:

  • Bourneville P (27): entry/exit ramps
  • Troarn (14): exit from Caen and entry to Caen
  • Montesson (78): toward Paris
  • Heudebouville (27): exit from Paris and entry to Paris
  • Dozulé (14): both directions + entry/exit ramps

From January 2024 to summer 2024:

  • Beuzeville (27): exit from Paris and entry to Caen
  • Bourg Achard (27): entry/exit ramps
  • Bourneville Annexe (27):  entry/exit ramps
  • Quetteville (14): exit to A29 and entrance to A13
  • Toutainville (14) : entry to Paris and exit from Paris

The teams then set up signage and detour routes: let yourself be guided!

*Date(s) or period(s) subject to change due to site hazards and weather conditions.

Further information :