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Calculate here the overall price of your journey in just 2 clicks including tolls and fuel.

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The toll rates for our motorways

Are you preparing for your trip and the question of the cost of the toll arises? You have come to the right place, thanks to our toll price calculation tool, you can estimate the cost of your entire journey on our motorways. It takes into account the different rates applied according to the tolls you take, but also the class of your vehicle, its engine and the current price of petrol at service stations.

How is the price for the motorway calculated?

As concessionaire of our motorways, we have the responsibility to take care of the maintenance, but also of the extension of these in exchange for which we set a price for our various tolls. If the motorway prices are reviewed by our group every year, they do not exceed a certain limit set by our contract with the State. Also, if there is a price increase, it must be lower than inflation in France by 70%!

To calculate the price of your journey on our motorways, we therefore apply our rate according to the motorway you take and the entry and exit toll station for your trip. The price of your toll therefore largely depends on the mileage you have traveled on our various motorways!

Namely, the price of a toll is not the same depending on the class to which your vehicle belongs. Each time your vehicle passes through the toll station, it is identified by our system according to its class. There are 5 different classes of vehicle on the motorway, depending on height, weight and number of axles. The motorway price will therefore be different for a class 5 motorcycle than for a class 3 or 4 truck!