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A29 toll plazas

The A29 motorway links Hauts-de-France to Normandy and is made up of two sections, West and East, separated by the A28 motorway. The tolls on the A29 therefore link the East and West of France and towns such as Saint-Quentin, Amiens, Le Havre, Honfleur, etc.

Tourism: from the Pays d'Auge to the Côté d'Albâtre and the Somme

Would you like to stop off at one of the A29 toll stations? Discover new destinations on the A29 motorway.
Visiting Saint-Quentin
The town of Saint-Quentin is home to an amazing village... the Village des Métiers d'Antan, where you can discover forgotten trades and crafts from our regions.
Visiting Le Havre
Known internationally for its port, Le Havre is a charming town. You can visit the André Malraux Museum of Modern Art, the Musée-Maison de l'Armateur and the Museum of Natural History!

Tolls on the A29 motorway

The A29 motorway has several toll gates. The main ones from the A13 are those of Quetteville, Epretot / Saint-Romain-de-Colbosc, Cottévrard, Dury and Jules Vernes near Amiens.