Offre Fréquence +

The Sanef group offers you a 30% reduction from 20 journeys per month!

The “Fréquence +” Liber-t toll tag offer: it's easy!

Do you frequently take the Sanef or Sapn motorways in France to get to your place of work, study or for your leisure? Traveling in a light vehicle or motorcycle? Reduce your toll charges on your favorite journey, subscribe to the "Frequence +" Liber-t toll tag offer!

  • Select your favorite journey*
  • Make at least 20 trips per month**
  • Benefit from a 30% reduction on all these journeys.


Over a month, you make 10 round trips on the A4 motorway between Château-Thierry and Reims.
You get a 30% reduction on all your trips on this route, i.e. more than €36.00 in savings!

How to take advantage of it?

Badge Liber-t bip and go

The Sanef Group's "Frequence +" offer is available on all Sanef or Sapn motorways and accessible using the Bip&Go "Frequence +" electronic toll tag.

The Liber-t toll tag that will be given to you will allow you to enjoy:

  • 30% off your favorite journey,*
  • and all the advantages of electronic toll tag for a smoother, faster and more practical passage to the toll, everywhere in France.

If you are already a Liber-t subscriber, you must modify your contract with Bip&Go to access the "Frequence +" offer.

To prepare your visit to a sales agency:

  • provide a RIB (FR) and an identity document,
  • if you already have a Liber-t badge, bring it for a possible replacement.

To subscribe, go to a Bip&Go sales office!

*The offer applies to a single journey to be selected within the same motorway network (Sanef motorways or Sapn motorways), regardless of minimum or maximum distance.

**Trips made during the week or at the weekend, day and night, in both directions of traffic.

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