Portique péage flux libre - Autoroute Sanef

To never forget to pay for your passage on one of our free-flow toll motorways (A14, Heudeboubille on the A13, Exit no. 36 Boulay on the A4), sign up for the “toll to pay” notification!

You have 72 hours to pay for your passage to a free-flow toll. To avoid forgetting to pay, we suggest you register for free to the “toll to pay” notification service. Once registered, you will receive an e-mail the day after your visit, if it has not been paid in the meantime. This way you can easily pay the toll within the stipulated time.

With the “toll to pay” notification service, travel with peace of mind.

How to subscribe to “toll to pay” notification service?

To register, in just a few clicks:

  1. Create your account on the sanef.com website,
  2. In the “My vehicles” section, add a new vehicle or modify an already registered vehicle;
  3. Activate the “Toll Payable” notification and register your vehicle.

You have a toll tag?

To travel with peace of mind, we suggest that you subscribe to the my transit information email, so you will be informed when a journey has not been associated with your electronic toll tag.


Are you a fleet manager?

Do you manage a car fleet and sometimes a driver forgets to pay the toll? Sign up now for the “toll to pay” notification service to be notified each time a passage has not been paid for on the same day. This gives you time to find the driver, or to regularize yourself!

Need help with the Boulay toll?