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Together, let's prepare your trip on our motorways in France.

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Free-flow tolling: what changes for you


Road safety

How to travel safely on our motorways in winter?

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Pay the toll in free flow A13 A14 and Boulay-Moselle (A4)

Tips and offers

  • The A13 and A14 motorways are transformed into free-flow tolls!
    The stop at the toll? It's finish ! This year, the highways on the Paris-Normandy axis are switching to free-flow tolls! We explain everything to you in this video
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Current traffic events

To know the traffic conditions in real time, select the highway you want to take:

Currently you do not encounter any difficulty on this highway. Good road !

Currently you do not encounter any difficulty on this highway. Good road !

Sanef 107.7: the radio that travels with you

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Heading for Normandy, Hauts-de-France, the Grand Est or Île-de-France? Tune in to Sanef 107.7: the most direct voice for traveling safely 24 hours a day.

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Free-flow tolling

Discover here the most frequently asked questions about the A13, A14 and Boulay-Moselle (A4) free-flow toll motorways.

Free flow toll rates

Whether it is a free-flow toll motorway or a classic motorway, the toll rate is identical: the rates for the A14 and the A13 do not change.

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How it works

How does free-flow tolling work?

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Do I risk paying twice?

A free-flow toll detection gantry was installed near an existing toll. Will my passage be detected twice?

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Motorway Safety

Access the most frequently asked questions about motorway safety here.

Weather report

How do I prepare my trip in case of bad weather?

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Traveling on the motorway

Find here the most frequently asked questions for traveling safely on the motorway.

Electric vehicles

Find here the most frequently asked questions for traveling safely on the motorway.

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Autoroutes Sanef et Sapn Autoroutes Sanef et Sapn

Welcome to Sanef motorways

Kilometer after kilometer, for 60 years, we have been on the road with you

Kilometer after kilometer, for nearly 60 years, we have been traveling with you: through Normandy, Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France and the Grand Est.
All year round, night and day, our teams monitor our 1,807 km of networks and watch over your safety. Since 1963, the Sanef and Sapn companies have been operating and monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over 2,000 kilometers of motorways linking Paris to the Hauts-de-France, Normandy and Grand-Est regions.
State concessionaire, the Sanef group works to offer a safe and connected motorway network facilitating the fluidity of traffic while ensuring the safety of all its travellers!
As a privileged partner of local authorities, our mission is to develop and energize the territories of the departments, cities and villages that our motorways cross with a common objective: to invent the mobility of tomorrow!

Our motorway network throughout France

Mainly located in Hauts-de-France, Normandy or the Grand-Est region, our motorway network in France now has 7 motorways:
- The A1 motorway linking Paris to Lille;
- The A2 motorway linking the A1 motorway to Belgium;
- The A4 motorway linking Paris to Strasbourg;
- The A13 motorway linking Paris to Caen;
- The A14 motorway linking Paris La Défense to the A13;
- The A16 motorway linking Paris to Boulogne-sur-Mer;
- The A26 motorway linking Calais, Reims and Troyes;
- The A29 motorway linking Amiens to Le Havre.

Guarantee your safety

Backed by our sixty years of expertise in the concession and operation of motorways, we provide you with a reliable and constantly alert motorway network. Impossible, without the infallible support of our intervention and control teams mobilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to prevent the slightest incident: slowdown, traffic jam, works, weather alert, accident, etc. Our goal: to intervene as quickly as possible to guarantee the security of our entire network!

Ensure the fluidity of your journey

In addition to our teams in the field, find our various tools to best help you in preparing for your trips on our motorways. A brief overview of the tools at your disposal to make your trip on our network a success:
- The traffic forecast: allows you to have an estimate of the traffic conditions expected for the same day, or for the following days or even months;
- The real-time traffic info map: be informed of slowdowns, road works, accidents, available service areas or live weather alerts;
- The webcams: mostly installed at the toll gates, they allow you to see the traffic situation at a glance.

Many services to facilitate your trip

On the road to vacation or work, the break is essential every 2 hours! To relax, access the toilets and regain some energy, our motorway-areas offer a multitude of services. For a gourmet break, find our entire catering offer, there is something for everyone: pastries, pastries, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, full menu in a restaurant, etc. Something to satisfy young and old!
For an invigorating break, you can drink a coffee, an energy drink, a cold or hot drink from one of our many vending machines!
To refresh yourself and take a quick trip to the toilets, all our rest and service areas are equipped with toilets. And for your vehicle, inflation stations, motorhome emptying stations and service-stations are available at our motorway rest areas. In addition to the classic fuel offer, some of our rest areas are equipped with charging stations for your electric vehicle!

Our responsibility: preserve the environment

Our group makes it a point of honor to work for the ecological transition. This is why we make sure to protect the surrounding fauna and flora when developing our motorways, while promoting softer and greener mobility with carpooling, the installation of electric charging stations, but also by our major free-flow motorway Paris-Normandy project!

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