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Weather on our motorways

On the way to the office or ready to go on a weekend or vacation? Have you thought about looking at the weather during your trip? To find out, nothing could be simpler, consult our interactive map below to find out about any weather alerts: in the heart of winter or in the middle of summer, snow, ice , fog, wind, storms or heat waves can make driving more difficult and more difficult. Always leave well informed and well prepared!

Preparing for your trip on the highway: take the weather into account

To best prepare for your trip, it is necessary to know the weather conditions in which you will be driving. This will allow you to better plan your journey times and, if necessary, decide to postpone your trip. In all cases and in all seasons, your vehicle must also be prepared, serviced and ideally fitted with snow tires in winter. To find out more: read our advice on driving conditions in winter or in bad weather.

Once on the highway, remember to adapt your speed to the weather conditions. Increase safety distances and multiply breaks.

Our highway weather alerts

The weather suddenly deteriorates on your journey? Pay attention to the messages of caution posted on our illuminated signs and broadcast on Sanef 107.7. Do not hesitate to stop at a motorway rest area and get back on the road once calm has returned. In safety, at the stop, you can consult our interactive map below.

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