A1 French Motorway : live traffic reports, travel time, roadworks and closures

A1 French Motorway : live traffic reports, travel time, roadworks and closures

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Real-time traffic, information on roadworks and closures on the A1 Paris Nord -Lille French motorway provided by Sanef

Traffic on the A1 French motorway updated minute by minute, traffic forecasts,, roadworks on the A1 motorway leading to occasional closures, accident warnings … Sanef keeps you constantly informed so that you have a great journey on the A1 motorway.

Look at our map above for real-time traffic information and stay tuned to radio Sanef 107.7. Also, consult the map to find out how long your journey will take on the A1 toward Paris and toward Lille. Stay connected to our social networks and receive our traffic alerts with the Sanef & You App.

A1 Motorway: the most direct, safe and free-flowing solution connecting Paris to the North of France by road

The A1 motorway’s high quality infrastructures ensure optimal safety conditions. Indeed, Sanef regularly carries out development, modernisation and maintenance works. The objective is to improve safety, keep traffic flowing and meet your needs and the needs of your passengers (100,000 vehicles use the A1 motorway every day!)

The 211 kilometres of the A1 motorway, 165 km being operated by Sanef, traverse several departments and pass by numerous interesting towns. We throw the spotlight on a journey rich in discoveries and history.

The A1 Motorway: a major route between Seine-Saint-Denis and the North

Commissioned in 1964, the A1 motorway is today the busiest trunk road in France. Its renown also lies in the fact that this long route crosses through or leads to places and sites of economic or touristic importance. For example:

The A1 motorway to drive to England, Belgium and Northern Europe

The A1 motorway is the main trunk road linking the Paris region and Northern Europe via Belgium. It is connected to the A26 motorway heading to the Port of Calais before setting sail to England.

The interchanges at Lille / Lesquin lead on to the A22 or A27 in the direction of Belgium, while the A1 / A26 interchange at Arras heads to Calais and England.

Parc Astérix: to relax by travelling through time

Travel back in time to the era of our ancestors, the Gauls. An entertaining and fun family break awaits you at the Parc Astérix theme park! Attractions, shows, a good time and happy memories guaranteed! The only direct access road to the park is between exits 7 and 8 on the A1 motorway.

The A1 motorway: one motorway, two regions and four departments

When driving along the A1 motorway, you travel through two of France’s major regions: Île-de-France (Seine-Saint Denis, Val d’Oise) and the Hauts de France (Oise, Somme, Pas-de-Calais and Nord).

From Roissy (slip road n°6) on the northern boundary of Sanef’s concession at the A1 / A21 interchange (Hénin-Beaumont sector), you will have about fifteen different opportunities to branch off towards one of the dynamic towns linked to the A1 motorway: Senlis (exit 8), Compiègne-Ouest (exit 10), Péronne at the Albert exit (exit 13) or Arras (exit 15)…

Destination the Hauts de France or Paris: on the A1 motorway, taking a break is capital!

Taking a break after several hours behind the wheel on the A1 is an excellent opportunity to refuel your vehicle (petrol, diesel, electricity…) and recharge your batteries.

Just 10 minutes…that’s the average time it will take for you to get to the next rest area or service station. To help make your choice according to the services you need (fuel, food, nursery, showers, children’s play areas…), take a look at the interactive map and opt for:

  • rest areas where you can stretch your legs, tune into nature and enjoy peaceful relaxation,
  • or service stations to refuel, have something to eat and make the most of all the facilities (relaxation areas, work spaces, Wi-Fi, shops, etc.).

Some great ideas for a relaxing journy on the A1 motorway

The ten or so service stations along the route are particularly well equipped, like La Courneuve-Est service station. It is the first place where you can make a pit stop after leaving Paris and provides services such as:

  • A petrol station,
  • Major catering chains,
  • Separate parking areas for cars, coaches and heavy goods vehicles,
  • A grocery store,
  • Baby changing area,
  • Terminal to check and inflate tyre pressure,
  • Showers cublicles, etc.

So don’t hesitate to stop at our service stations: La Courneuve, Vémars, Ressons, Cœur des Hauts de France, Wancourt ou encore Phalempin.

Toll tariffs on the A1 motorway: several things to know before setting off

Sanef provides you with the A1 Motorway toll calculator so that you can best plan your journey.

At the toll gate, the price of your trip on the A1 Autoroute du Nord varies according to:

  • your vehicle (classes 1 to 5, car, motorcycle, lorry…)
  • and the length of your journey

Modulation of motorway toll charge is in place on weekends and national holidays in the direction of Paris.

The toll charge on the A1 motorway, as on all our motorways, is our only source of revenue in order to:

  • maintain the roadways, bridges and all our infrastructures,
  • modernise the rest area,
  • improve information delivery and the quality of services we provide.

To find out more: understanding our economic model.