Roadworks on the A1 French motorway Paris-Lille

Roadworks on the A1 French motorway

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You want to know if you will meet construction sites on your route on the A1 motorway? Do you want to see if they are causing traffic problems? Sanef offers an interactive map to allow you to follow the progress of your journey in real time.
Consult at the stop in an area of ​​course or to entrust to your passengers!

Construction site on the A1 motorway:

Each year a number of projects are carried out on the A1 motorway to improve your safety and your traffic conditions.

They concern pavements, bridges, safety equipment or environmental protection facilities (basins, hydraulic networks, etc.). Depending on the nature of the work to be carried out, traffic restrictions are implemented. The objective is to combine less discomfort with a high level of security. And of course information remains a priority: in forecasting to allow you to prepare your trip in real time to guide and advise you.

To inform you:

The safety of the men in yellow on the A1

On the A1 motorway, at all times, motorway agents intervene to reinforce safety, smooth traffic, and improve your traffic conditions. With these three missions in mind, the men and women in yellow carry out renovations, upgrades and repairs by day and by night.

On our axes, where you can drive at high speed, their safety can be endangered. This is why it is imperative to observe the following rules:

  • Slow down and move away as soon as you see the emergency beacons of the emergency vehicles or the luminous arrows in the back of the vans: our agents are never far away. In fact, legislation relating to the safety corridor is now in place. The safety corridor consists of a virtual barrier that any driver must respect when approaching personnel working on the side of a road, expressway or motorway.
  • Keep your safety distances.
  • Do not drive on the emergency stop lane. It is reserved for emergency situations and for the circulation of service and rescue vehicles. By using the emergency lane, you therefore directly endanger the safety of our agents and that of other drivers. You also expose yourself to a 4th category ticket resulting in a fine of 135 euros and a withdrawal of three points on your driver's license.

To keep the A1 motorway safe and pleasant, respect the men and women who work for you.