Motorway traffic information in real time: traffic jams, traffic

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Real-time traffic information

Accidents, roadworks, traffic jams... All these incidents can lead to slowdowns on the motorway, or even to the closure of sections. To find out more about the traffic situation in real time, a tool is available to you. A major ally in avoiding traffic jams, real-time traffic information allows you to find out about the various incidents that you may encounter on your way to work or on holiday!

So to get the best idea of the traffic on the motorway, take the time to consult our interactive map above!

What is traffic information on the motorway?

The traffic information of our motorways allows you to know the traffic in real time. Thanks to this map, you can visualise roadworks, accidents or traffic jams on our motorways.

The accuracy of our real-time traffic predictions is based on the feedback of our intervention teams and our technological expertise (counting stations, our webcams and surveillance cameras, etc.).

Should we get off the motorway?

The traffic information of your GPS is not always the most appropriate to tell you what to do on the motorway... And for good reason, the GPS only focuses on the existence of traffic jams on the motorway, it does not know the traffic in real time. Our teams know this and are able to foresee and anticipate the inconvenience caused by the incident. In contact with the fire brigade, the police and the patrols, we know the nature of the accident or the traffic jam so that we can give you the best possible advice for the rest of your journey on the motorway. So there is sometimes no need to get stuck on an exit ramp or on the secondary routes...

Do you know the motorway driving rules?

Do you know the right way to drive on the motorway? Revise your classics on motorway road safety rules in our "assistance" pages, as well as speed limits, distances security, the safety corridor or the proper use of snow tires on the motorway will no longer hold any secrets for you!

And in the event of a breakdown or accident, we explain the correct procedure to follow on our page "travel well on the motorway".