Portique flux libre du péage de Boulay - Autoroute A4

At the Boulay free flow tollgate (A4 exit 36): how does it work and how to pay the toll? We tell you everything here!

Free-flow tolls at Boulay, what has changed?

The Boulay site is an area marked by heavy so-called home/work traffic. Indeed, in the morning when leaving for work and in the evening when returning from the offices, the section presented slowdowns due to a large flow of vehicles in a restricted time slot.

Based on this observation, the Sanef group chose the Boulay toll to deploy this innovative free-flow toll solution. It responded to the specifics of this site's traffic and put an end to the recurring slowdowns.

And how does it actually work?

You are driving, and without slowing down, the gate detects your license plate or your Liber’t electronic toll tag (affixed to the windscreen to the right of the interior mirror).

With free-flow tolls: forget about stopping at the toll and hesitating about which way to take to pay. You circulate... with ease.

So what are the advantages for motorists?

+Fluidno need to stop to adjust your passage. A real time saver in times of heavy traffic,
+Securityless stress in finding the right line when approaching the toll and choosing your payment method.
+Responsibleless fuel consumed during journeys, less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere,


How to pay Boulay free-flow toll?

Without a barrier, going through the Boulay toll is simpler and faster: so is payment! Depending on the frequency of your visits and your preferences, you have the choice between different solutions:

1. Automatic payment

  • Do you have a electronic toll badge ? No changes thanks to the badge valid on all motorways!
  • Don't have a badge? you can activate automatic payment each time you pass. In just a few clicks, register your vehicle's license plate and your method of payment, before the trip.

2. Payment after the journey(s)

  • You can pay online or on the dedicated terminal, within 72 hours after your visit, by mentioning your license plate .

Boulay free-flow gantry

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