Make a stop at the Aire de Maurepas, located on the A1 motorway from Lille to Paris, a few kilometres from the Parc d'Éclusier.

  • Take a break!

Equipments at the Maurepas rest area

  • More than 30 parking spaces

From Lille to Paris, on the A1 motorway, you will find the Aire de Maurepas where you can rest. It is located a little more than 131 km before arriving in the capital, between the Aire de Saint-Léger and the Aire de Cœur-Des-Hauts-de-France-Ouest.

Discover the Parc d'Éclusier in the vicinity, a small corner of nature that is well worth the diversions, after passing through the Aire de Maurepas.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation while appreciating the beauty of the landscape. Your children will enjoy playing around the lake. The Parc d'Éclusier is located in Éclusier-Vaux in the middle of the winding roads of the Haute-Somme.

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