Accident on the A1 French motorway

Accident on the A1 French motorway

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A1 motorway traffic updated minute by minute, traffic forecast, work on the A1 motorway resulting in ad hoc closings, accident reporting… Sanef keeps you constantly informed to make your journey on the A1 as safe as possible.

As a real assistant, Sanef offers you an interactive map which provides you in real time with a lot of practical and useful information throughout your trip on the North motorway: closed diffusers, work in progress, rest, service and carpooling, charging stations for electric vehicles, webcams… Explore all of these services!

What to do in the event of an accident on the A1 motorway?

The first thing to do if you are involved in an accident is to keep yourself and the passengers safe. For this you must strictly observe several instructions. First, think about your safety first. If you must stop on the emergency stop lane, you must first turn on your hazard warning lights to alert other motorists to both your presence and the impending danger. Then always put on your yellow safety vest BEFORE leaving the vehicle. This is why it is recommended to have it stored in a place easily accessible from the driver's station. Then exit the vehicle, but always on the right.
Make sure that all the occupants of the vehicle leave the passenger side. If you are immobilized on the highway, be aware that it is not compulsory to place your red triangle upstream from your position because this maneuver can be particularly dangerous. Do not drive on the emergency stop lane. Instead, always stand behind the safety barrier to reach the nearest emergency call station. These are located approximately every two kilometers. Finally wait for help, making sure to stay behind the safety barrier.

See our real-time map above for the location of accidents on the A1 motorway and stay tuned to Sanef 107.7 radio. From the map, also check your travel times on the A1 to Paris and to Lille. 

What to do if you are unable to access an emergency call point?

  • If you are unable to reach an emergency call point, you can use your mobile phone and dial 112, the European emergency number. Specify to the operator that you are on the A1 motorway by indicating the direction of traffic and the reference point (inscription carried on the panels in the form of kilometer markers, located at the shoulder or in the central reservation). You also use the SOS Autoroute application 
  • If you are deaf / mute, contact 114 by SMS, also specifying that you are on the A1 motorway, in which direction you are traveling and the waypoint.

What to do if you witness an accident on the A1 motorway?

Again, think about your safety and that of your passengers first. Respect the rules mentioned above and contact the emergency services.

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