Discover Goyencourt Ouest, located on the A1 North motorway from Lille to Paris, a few kilometres from Roye (exit n°12).

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipment at the Goyencourt Ouest rest area

  • 48 parking spaces
  • 6 picnic tables

Choose the Goyencourt Ouest service area for a rest when driving on the A1 motorway from Lille to the capital. It is located between the Hattencourt and Tilloloy Ouest areas, about 104 km from the City of Light.

Visit the Parc Demouy if you have some time. Known as the most beautiful park in Roye, it's a nice and quiet place to enjoy a relaxing family outing or a picnic. Take a walk around the pond and enjoy the nature. Take pictures and have fun!

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