Stop off at the Espérance rest area, located on the A4 at kilometer 150, from Paris to Strasbourg to recharge your batteries and continue the journey without feeling tired.

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipment at the L'Espérance rest area

Aire de l'Espérance - Autoroute A4

  • 50 parking spaces
  • 11 picnic tables

When traveling with your family on the A4 motorway, from Paris to Strasbourg, don't hesitate to take a break at the L'Espérance rest area at km 150.

The ambient atmosphere encourages you to do the physical exercises you need. Also take a seat on one of the picnic tables to savor the meals you have purchased or prepared for the road. Relaxation and conviviality await you!

On the journey from Reims to Metz, admire the beautiful landscapes from village to village. For more discoveries, take a detour to the Regional Park of the Montagne de Reims. The panoramic view of the park's vast vineyards is exceptional.

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