Take a break at the Danne rest area, located on the A4 motorway at kilometre 432, from Paris to Strasbourg. Take advantage of the regenerating green setting to regain your strength.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables
  • Relax!

    • Outdoor playground
    • Disabled access

Equipment at the Danne rest area

Aire de Danne - Autoroute A4

  • 27 parking spaces

The Danne rest area is open 24 hours a day. You will find it at km 432 on the A4 motorway, from Paris towards Strasbourg. 

A stop at this rest area on the A4 will prevent you from accumulating fatigue at the wheel. So take a snack break, stretch your legs or go for a walk in this green setting to continue your journey with more energy and dynamism.

The environment is conducive to a moment of relaxation. Admire the landscape, enter into communion with nature and take a good flight. Feel free to repeat the experience as many times as you like. The area of Saverne - Monswiller is less than 5 km drive from the Danne area

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