Take a break at the Schalbach rest area, located on the A4 at kilometre 419 from Strasbourg to Paris. Come and relax and recharge your batteries in a soothing place.

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipment at the Schalbach rest area

  • 29 parking spaces

The Schalbach rest area is open to travellers 24 hours a day and offers plenty of space to relax. You will find it at km 419 on the A4 motorway from Strasbourg towards the capital.

After eating your food, take a walk to stretch your legs, admire the picturesque landscape and free your mind. Children can also play and enjoy the fresh air.

The experience can be repeated whenever you feel like it. Also note that the Berg area is less than 5 km from the Schalbach area.

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