Discover the Bois de Labry rest area, located on the A4 motorway at kilometre 290, from Paris to Strasbourg. Take a break at this rest area to recharge your batteries.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables
  • Relax!

    • Disabled access
    • Relaxation Zone

Equipment at the Bois de Labry rest area

Aire du Bois de Labry - Autoroute A4

  • 17 parking spaces
  • 10 picnic tables

The Bois de Labry service area is open all week, from Monday to Sunday, at any time of the day or night. You can find it at km 290, on the A4 motorway, between Épinotte rest area and Metz Saint-Privat service area.

Enjoy a picnic break on one of the tables set up. Children can play there. You can also go for a walk to reconnect with Mother Nature and regain strength to continue the journey.

If you have time, take the next exit (n°33 - Jarny) to visit the Ferme de Tremblois. This amusement park is a dream for children. Tyrolean traverse, swimming pool and many other activities are on offer.

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