At km 304 of the A4 motorway, rest in the Metz Saint-Privat rest area, it is accessible in both directions. Continue a pleasant journey after enjoying the on-site services.

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Services at the Metz Saint-Privat rest area

Aire de Metz Saint-Privat - Autoroute A4

  • Gas station
  • 2 charging stations 50 kW with 2 charge points, 11 charging stations 150 kW with 11 charge points and 3 charging stations 300 kW with 3 charge points
  • Hello Shop
  • Catering services
  • 139 parking spaces
  • playground
  • PRM accessibility
  • Nursery

Located between Reims and Metz at km 304, on the A4 motorway, discover the Metz Saint-Privat rest area, a place conducive to relaxation.

Take the children to the playground while one of you will go get something to eat at Brioche Dorée or Del Arte Express. Varied menus are offered to satisfy young and old.

You can also go to the Bonjour store. Their roast chickens and Emmental hams, for example, delight the taste buds. Interesting regional products are also sold there at attractive prices.

Did you like the break? Continue your journey with complete peace of mind after filling up your tank at the AS24 or TotalEnergies station.

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