Roadworks on the A4 French motorway

Roadworks on the A4 French motorway

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Find out about the one-off maintenance works and services taking place on the A4 motorway. Anticipez votre voyage en étant informés en temps réel des voies de circulations restreintes, des sorties ou des aires de services fermées pour cause de travaux.
Notre carte interactive ci-dessous actualise minute par minute les informations sur les chantiers et délivre de nombreuses autres informations comme les accidents sur l’autoroute A4, les embouteillages ou encore la galaxie de services que Sanef met à votre disposition (stations essence, restaurants, points d’intérêt, etc.).

When stationary, also consult our Sanef & You app and our Twitter feeds @sanef_1077 or @sanef_conseil. While driving, get informed by listening to the Sanef 107.7 radio.

Maintenance works and services on the A4 motorway:

Safety, comfort and fluidity are the watchwords of each of the missions of our motorway concession company. To respond to this triptych, interviews and development work are regularly carried out by our teams of stakeholders.

At the service of users of the A4 motorway, they work on the service areas to keep them always clean. Maintenance also aims to keep the various equipment (toilets, showers, picnic tables, children's areas, etc.) functional and compliant with safety standards. Our map updated minute by minute allows you to view the areas that may be closed during the work.
Environmental protection facilities are also maintained or renovated. They are used in particular to confine chronic pollution linked to traffic on the A4, but also more massive pollution that may accidentally occur.

The bridges, roadway and shoulders of the Autoroute de l'Est are also maintained or renovated, always at the service of your safety. Green spaces must be pruned and mowed. In winter, salting and snow removal operations are launched. The waste fallen on the roadway is evacuated as quickly as possible. Fences to prevent animals or people from accessing the highway are monitored. Markings are placed on the road for temporary work signs...
In any case, depending on the nature of the work to be carried out, Sanef informs you of the restrictions put in place to cause you the least possible inconvenience.

Major projects on the Eastern motorway:

The North-East bypass of Metz (CNEM)

To meet growing mobility needs around Metz, Sanef is increasing the capacity of the North-East Bypass of Metz located between the A4/A31 (Croix de Hauconcourt) and A4/A315 (Mey) interchanges by providing it with a 3th lane in each direction of traffic. To find out more about this project, consult our online file on the CNEM.

The men in yellow and their safety

The men and women in yellow, whom you can see on the A4 motorway, are the motorway agents, present on a daily basis to improve the conditions of your route. Day and night, they repair, clean and check the roadway, equipment, bridges...
But their job is risky. All too regularly, accidents happen. To avoid endangering their safety, we recall here certain essential rules.

  1. When you see highway agents or response vehicles, slow down and merge into the left lane. In this regard, a law relating to the security corridor is now in force. This is a virtual barrier that you must not cross, as a driver, when approaching personnel working on a road. Failure to comply with this law may result in a fine of €135 and loss of points.
  2. Respect safety distances with the agents, but also with the vehicles preceding you. This rule, applicable at all times on the road, is used in particular to see flashing lights or other signaling elements that alert the presence of workers from afar. Proper maintenance of the safety distance also serves, among other things, to avoid any risk of collision with the vehicle in front of you when it slows down or brakes in the event of danger.
  3. Do not drive on the emergency lane. We remind you that it is present only to respond to emergency situations, to the circulation of emergency and service vehicles. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a 4th category violation, i.e. a fixed fine of €135 and a loss of points on the driving licence.