Take a break at the Gueux rest area at km 130 on the A4 motorway, if you are going to Paris from Strasbourg. Various services are offered on site to make your getaway more enjoyable.

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  • My catering services

  • Boutique et services

Services at the Gueux rest area

  • Gas station
  • 1 charging station 50 kW with 1 charge point and 4 charging stations 350 kW with 4 charge points
  • Shop
  • Catering services
  • 48 parking spaces
  • playground
  • PRM accessibility
  • Nursery

Coming from Strasbourg, heading to the capital? Just after Reims, stop at the Gueux rest area, which runs along the A4 motorway.

For a gourmet break, savor delicious snacks from Léo Bistro. Do not hesitate to stop by the Via Italia shop to find various interesting regional articles and products. Ideal for taking some souvenirs from your trip and giving them to your loved ones.

To please the children, take them to the playground. If your little one needs to be changed, the nursery is also available to you.

Finally, before taking off, fill up your vehicle at the Eni station or at the Ionity charging station!

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