Take a break at the Gottesheim rest area, located on the A4 from Strasbourg to Paris at kilometre 447 . Visit the town to enjoy a relaxing trip full of discoveries.

  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Gottesheim rest area

  • 30 parking spaces

Make a stop at the Gottesheim rest area at km 447 on the A4 motorway when you leave Strasbourg for the capital Paris. 

Relax for a moment, unpack your snacks and enjoy them in peace and quiet to recharge your batteries and continue the journey in good health. 

On the way, discover the village of Gottesheim, a place full of picturesque sites such as the Église de Bouxwiller and the Musée de Bouxwiller et Hanau. Don't hesitate to get out of the car and take photos to capture the moment. 

Your trip will be rich in discoveries and wonderful memories on the A4.

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