Take a break at the Brouck rest area, located on the A4 motorway at kilometre 347, from Paris to Strasbourg. Take your mind off things and de-stress before hitting the road again.


  • In Boulay: do not stop at the toll!
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  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Brouck rest area

  • 34 parking spaces

Stop at the Brouck rest area at km 347 on the A4 motorway when travelling from the capital towards Strasbourg. The green environment is ideal for relaxation. 

Take advantage of this rest area on the A4 motorway to recharge your batteries and arrive at your destination in top form. Take your snacks and enjoy them in the car or in the open air. Then let the kids play around for a few minutes. 

Continue the journey while admiring the landscape and the various tourist attractions such as the Bambesch structure or the Franco-German friendship statue. The Merbette pond is also close to this rest area. Discover all its wonders in your vehicle. Don't forget to take some pictures as souvenirs!

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