Take a break at the La Rouge Haie service area located at km 244 on the A4 motorway from Paris towards Strasbourg. Take advantage of the calm environment to recharge your batteries.

  • Take a break!

Equipment at La Rouge Haie rest area

Aire de La Rouge Haie - Autoroute A4

  • 19 parking spaces
  • 7 picnic tables

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the La Rouge Haie service area, at km 244 on the A4 motorway, is a pleasant place to take a relaxing break. Stop here to make your journey from Paris to Strasbourg more enjoyable.

Find a table for a picnic and enjoy your snacks in peace. Take a walk to admire the surrounding landscape and forget about the traffic on the motorway for a while.

Don't hesitate to repeat the experience at the Verdun - Saint-Nicolas Sud area, less than 15 km away, to avoid fatigue.

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