Take a break at the Petit Hambach rest area, located on the A4 at kilometre 388 from Strasbourg to Paris, to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature.

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Equipment at the Petit Hambach rest area

Aire de Petit Hambach - Autoroute A4

  • 29 parking spaces

Leaving Strasbourg to head for Paris? Take a rest at the Petit Hambach rest area at km 388, which is on the A4 motorway, to regain your strength.

After having a picnic or a snack, you can go for a walk to stretch your legs and clear your mind. With a stronger body and a clearer mind, you can drive with confidence.

The Saint-Vit campsite, a residential leisure park, is located a few kilometres from the rest area. To make sure your children enjoy their journey on the A4 motorway, take them to the playground. The older children can take a walk around the pond and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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