Stop at the La Fontaine d'Olive Sud service area, located on the A4 motorway at kilometer 218, from Paris to Strasbourg. Discover the color area and enjoy a relaxing break that will make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Fancy a picnic?

  • Relax!

Equipment at the La Fontaine d'Olive Sud rest area

Aire de la Fontaine d'Olive Sud - Autoroute A4
Picnic table and playground for children

  • 39 parking spaces
  • 11 picnic tables

So that you don't feel the fatigue of the journey too much, treat yourself to a relaxing break at the La Fontaine d'Olive Sud rest area when you leave Paris to go to Strasbourg. It is located at km 218 on the A4 motorway, after the Valmy Oberval rest area.

On one of the tables, you can unpack your snacks and enjoy a pleasant picnic with your family. To stretch your legs, take a walk on this A4 rest area. Enjoy inhaling and exhaling deeply to make yourself feel good.

Then continue the journey in peace. Wander the streets of Sainte-Menehould admiring the landscape, the hills, etc. The Rarécourt area is not far if you want to repeat the experience.

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