A pause at the Champ de Carreau area between Châlons-en-Champagne and Troyes sums up the spectacle that unfolds on your journey: rolling countryside that reflects the tranquillity.

  • Take a break!

  • Relax!

Equipment at the Champ du Carreau rest area

Aire de repos de champs du carreau - autoroute A26

  • 26 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM
  • Playground

Located at km 347, the Champ de Carreau rest area welcomes travellers on the A26 motorway at any time of the day or night. You can stretch your legs and even access the playground for a complete relaxation session. The ambient atmosphere encourages you to engage in the physical activities that your balance needs.

The next part of the journey promises a continuation of the same soothing landscapes. You can improvise by spending time visiting the medieval monuments of which the region is rich. From your car you can see the existence of fortified towns on hills, witnesses of the long history of the country.

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