Stop off at the Omignon rest area on the way to Saint-Quentin and enjoy a relaxing break. The setting is ideal for relaxing before taking to the road again on the A26 motorway.

  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Omignon rest area

  • 44 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM
  • 8 picnic tables

The Omignon parking area is available to travellers at all times of the day and night. The car park is large enough for the motorist to find a place.

Moreover, if you feel like having a little picnic to get into the swing of things, take one of the 8 tables already set up to enjoy your snack in peace.

After leaving the rest area, you can make a short detour to the town of Pontruet. You will discover the heritage and curiosities of the site. Admire the Church of Saint-Martin de Pontruet before returning to the A26 motorway, which offers the beauty of the geological sites and the unusualness of the bat shelters.

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