Make a stop at the Aire d'Annebault, located on the A13 motorway from Paris to Caen, a few kilometres from Calvados Père Magloire L'Expérience.


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    The tolls for the A14 and A13 motorways gradually become free-flowing on the Paris-Normandy axis. 3 options are available to you to pay within 72 hours after your visit. We explain everything to you in this video subtitled in English.
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  • The A13 and A14 motorways are transformed into free-flow tolls!
    The stop at the toll? It's finish ! This year, the highways on the Paris-Normandy axis are switching to free-flow tolls! We explain everything to you in this video
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  • ...let the children play while having your coffee or a snack!

Equipment at the Annebault rest area

  • 37 parking spaces

Choose the Aire d'Annebault for a break when travelling on the A13 Normandie motorway to Caen. This rest area is located between the Beuzeville Nord and Dozulé areas, after a 193 km drive from Paris.

Before returning to the Aire d'Annebault, you can visit the Calvados Père Magloire L'Expérience. It is a tourist attraction not to be missed in the commune of Pont-l'Évêque. Open every day until 8pm, it tells the story of the history and production methods of the famous Norman apple brandy. The experience ends with an exquisite tasting.

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