Take a break at the Grand Riez rest area to enjoy your journey on the A26 towards Béthune. There's nothing better to avoid drowsiness at the wheel and to manage the rest of your journey.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables
  • Relax!

    • Outdoor playground
    • Disabled access

Equipment at the Grand Riez rest area

  • 39 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM
  • 4 picnic tables

The Grand Riez rest area welcomes you at any time of the day or night. The new rest areas are designed to provide as much comfort and peace as possible for travellers taking a break. The shelter is far enough away from the main road to allow you to forget for a while the flow of cars on motorway 26.

Make the most of the time you spend wrapped up in nature by having a picnic on one of the 4 picnic tables set up on the site. You can also take advantage of the time when you are not driving to make phone calls and answer messages.

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