aire de repos - réseaux d'autoroutes sanef et sapn

To better manage your trip on the A16 motorway, remember to stop at the Amblainville East stopping area just before Beauvais, in the direction of Boulogne-sur-Mer, you are ready.

Equipment at the Amblainville Est rest area

  • 25 parking spaces
  • 2 disabled spaces

The Amblainville Est stopping area is located at km 42 of the A16 motorway, just after the toll barrier, it is one of the resting points that make your trip on the A16 an enjoyable adventure.

A stop on this site allows you to nibble on snacks intended to reinvigorate you. Relaxing your legs after acceleration, braking and declutching exercises is a must do.

Children will find the space that allows them to release their excess energy.

Returning to the road, the hamlets of Sandricourt, Saint-Claude, Vignoru and Le Fays aux Ânes offer a picturesque view. You can take a short getaway to admire the mother-of-pearl work. Curiosities like the Neolithic polisher or the Statue of Venus are worth a look!

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