Coming from Troyes and heading towards Reims or Châlons-en-Champagne, take a break at the Champ-l’Epée rest area to better manage your journey on the A26 motorway. This stop is a supply of energy at the same time as appeasement.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables
  • Relax!

    • Outdoor playground
    • Disabled access
    • Relaxation Zone

Aire de repos du Champ l'Epée - autoroute A26

  • 26 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • playground

Located at km 348 of the A26 motorway towards Reims or Châlons-en-Champagne, the Champ l'Epée rest area, in Mailly-le-Camp, is open to you at any time of the day and from the night.

Essential step in a journey of several kilometers, the rest area is dedicated to you to rest. Unwind and stretch your legs in a serene setting away from highway traffic.

A place in the parking lot and it is the entry into a recreational atmosphere that takes away the stress of the kilometers swallowed up so far. The playground is designed for children to have fun with their parents. It is a prelude to the joys of the holidays to come.

Get back on the road with confidence and the advice remains the same: repeat the experience of the break as many times as necessary.

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