A break at the Lormaison rest area is a more than beneficial sequence in your journey on the A16. Immerse yourself in a green environment to recharge your batteries.

  • Electric charging

  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Lormaison rest area

  • 1 charging station 300 kW, with 2 charge points
  • 30 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM
  • 3 picnic tables

The parking space is a springboard to a pleasant atmosphere of calm and serenity. Forget the hectic traffic on the motorway for a while and take stock. Reset your physical and mental counters! The magic of the journey will begin again as soon as you hit the road.

Take advantage of the green setting to recharge your batteries and start the rest of your journey with confidence. Have a picnic at one of the tables set up in the open air and savour the succulence of the small dishes you have brought along for the occasion. For a perfect trip, you can repeat the experience 14 km further on at the Auteuil area if you are heading for Dunkirk or 7 km further on at the Amblainville area if you are heading for Paris.

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