Take a break at the Chêne Peuquet rest area in the direction of Amiens to ensure a safe continuation of your journey on the A16 motorway. Its green setting is regenerating and soothing.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables
  • Relax!

    • Outdoor playground
    • Disabled access

Equipment at the Chêne Peuquet rest area

Aire du Chêne Peuquet - autoroute A16 - jeux pour enfants

  • 30 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM

The Chêne Peuquet rest area is available to you 24 hours a day. Its environment is designed to be a regenerating stopover after the miles you have travelled.

This is the answer to the dangers of fatigue and sleepiness on the road. After the Chêne Peuquet rest area, start your journey with confidence.

Repeat the experience as many times as you like. The Auteuil rest area is 13 km away if you are heading for Paris, while the Hardivillers rest area is 16 km away if you are heading for Dunkirk. The rest areas are your allies in avoiding any inconvenience on your route.

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