A stopover at the Rumaucourt rest area on the A26 is a good idea. Discover here the services offered to you to make your trip even more pleasant.

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Services in the Rumaucourt rest area

  • 76 parking spaces
  • 2 charging stations 300 kW, with 4 charge points
  • PRM accessibility
  • Deli by Shell Sandwich Shop
  • Shell Service Station
  • Shell Select Shop
  • Showers
  • Nursery

The break at the Rumaucourt rest area is a happy initiative, as the services offered cover all the essential needs of travellers.

Refuel at the Deli by Shell sandwich shop or Shell Select store before filling your tank at the Shell service station. Ideal for leaving serenely on the A26.

Also take advantage of your break to check the inflation of the tires, change the diaper of the youngest or even take a shower (so you can leave in complete peace of mind on the A26 motorway).

At km 122 in the Troyes-Calais direction, also savor the good moments of relaxation by buying souvenir products from the region.

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