At km 13 of the A26 motorway: take a break at the Nortkerque service area in the direction of Calais and you will discover why this is the ideal place to regain your strength, but also to relax a little before reaching La Manche.

  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables

Equipments at the Nortkerque rest area

  • 23 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • 3 picnic tables

The Norkerque rest area on the A26 welcomes travellers on the Autoroute des Anglais at any time of the day or night. The car park is spacious enough to find a place to park. The infrastructure allows access to the existing facilities for all travellers, regardless of their own physical condition.

The A26 takes you on a journey rich in sights and history. Thus, after leaving the rest area, you can drive through the streets of Nortkerque and discover the Arc de Triomphe dating from the 18th century, the Castle of the Countess of Valois or the church of Saint-Martin, which are strong images in the town.


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