Take a break at the area of Epône Sud, located on the A13 Normandy motorway from Caen towards Paris, not far from the Parc du Château d'Épône.

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    The tolls for the A14 and A13 motorways gradually become free-flowing on the Paris-Normandy axis. 3 options are available to you to pay within 72 hours after your visit. We explain everything to you in this video subtitled in English.
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  • The A13 and A14 motorways are transformed into free-flow tolls!
    The stop at the toll? It's finish ! This year, the highways on the Paris-Normandy axis are switching to free-flow tolls! We explain everything to you in this video
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  • Take a break!

    • Picnic tables

Equipment at the Epône Sud rest area

  • More than 100 parking spaces

Are you travelling on the A13 motorway from Caen to Paris? Stop at the area of Epône Sud which is located between the area of Buchelay and the area of Morainvilliers Sud. It's about 40 km before you reach the capital.

Would you like to do a little tourism in the Yvelines? Visit the Parc du Château d'Épône which is located a few kilometres from the area of Epône Sud. It is a picturesque place that offers a nice walk in an English garden, as well as a nice opportunity to admire the Temple of David enthroned on a lawn. The cultural centre of the town of Epône has also been located here since 1980.

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