Have the good idea to take a break at the Grand Courtil on your way to Paris on the A16 motorway. The surrounding environment will have regenerating and soothing effects on you.

  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Grand Courtil rest area

  • 31 parking spaces
  • Accessibility for PRM
  • 3 picnic tables

To avoid the onset of fatigue and the dangers of drowsiness at the wheel, this stopover at the Grand Courtil rest area is a good thing. You can recharge your batteries away from the traffic flow of motorway 16 by abandoning yourself in the green surroundings of the site. Just enough time to stretch your legs and recharge your batteries, and you're ready to continue your journey.

A place in the car park opens the door to a quiet place where you can reconnect with nature by having a picnic at one of the tables set up in the open air. Repeat the breaks as often as you like. This is the key to a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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