Take a break at the Lormaison Ouest rest area to discover how beneficial the serene environment of this space is for the rest of your journey on the A16.

  • Electric charging

  • Take a break!

Equipment at the Lormaison Ouest rest area

  • 1 charging station 300 kW, with 2 charge points
  • 30 parking spaces
  • PRM accessibility
  • 4 picnic tables

Open 24 hours a day, the Lormaison Ouest rest area welcomes you with sufficient parking space for you to find where to park. The facilities are designed for access by people of all physical conditions. Picnic tables are there to serve as accessories for relaxation as well as outdoor dining.

After the break in the rest area, you can improvise a short visit to the surrounding areas. You will discover the places and monuments that are the pride of Lormaison such as the church of Sainte-Marguerite dating from the 15th century. The town hall offices are housed in a 19th century castle.

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