A13 motorway works | Plan to anticipate your trip

A13 motorway works | Plan to anticipate your trip

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Discover Sanef's interactive map which will make you enjoy a serene, optimized and safe journey on the A13 motorway. Move, zoom in, zoom out, select the services you want to display... and discover the works that will mark your journey.
With your interactive map updated every minute, you can indeed identify the construction sites present along your route as well as the slowdowns and closures of exits or areas that they may cause.

Works on the A13 motorway:

The works on the A13 will improve traffic conditions and preserve a safe motorway.
Regular maintenance, small works and major development works can take place::

  • On the roadway or on the verges, in particular to revise the safety equipment. Motorway agents then generally drive on the hard shoulder or on one of the main roads. Works or maintenance that require the lanes to be shortened and create slowdowns are also visible on our real-time map. On the motorway service areas. Our interactive map lets you know which service areas are under construction and which are closed.
  • At motorway service areas: our interactive map lets you know which service areas are under construction and which are closed.
  • On the bridges.
  • At the level of environmental protection facilities.

Widening of the A13, an exceptional project

Sanef's motorway recovery plan, which includes 20 projects, includes a major development programme:the widening of the A13 motorway between the Pont-L’Evêque node and the Dozulé no. 30 distributor…
2x3 lanes over 22km and wider emergency lanes, this is what the 40,000 daily users of the A13 will be able to benefit from when the works are completed, early 2022 at the latest. This project will thus give momentum and bring more fluidity to drivers.
And the work does not only concern the roadway:

  • 1,200 meters of acoustic protection screens have been put in place to preserve the well-being of local residents. Sapn has gone beyond legal obligations to reduce noise pollution that may impact the environment of the A13 motorway,
  • 6 water protection basins were also created. This latest equipment aims in particular to confine any accidental pollution, with the aim of guaranteeing any risk of alteration of the surrounding environments. These basins also ensure the treatment by decantation of the regular pollution linked to road traffic. Finally, they serve as a buffer zone in the event of a flood.
  • 22 engineering structures had to be/have been modified.

Another titanic project: that of the creation of the 3rd deck of the Guerville viaduct. In connection with the widening of the A13, this work of art will support the six traffic lanes.
The throwing technique is used to create a 3rd deck. The sections of the new deck are thus being built on the site at the same time as the piers. A launching platform allows the sections of the new deck to be put in place as they are built by successive launchings.

The creation of a half-motorway distributor in Toutainville

The western highway will have the right to a brand new half-distributor in Toutainville. The objective of this new development is to bring the Pont-Audemer connection to the A13 closer by around 10 km.
This A13 project includes, among other things:

  • the creation of two motorway ramps.
  • the creation of a roundabout connecting the new ramps to the RD 675.
  • the redevelopment of the RD 675.
  • the creation of two water treatment basins.

End of toll barriers on the A13 in 2024

On the Normandy motorway, you will soon no longer see toll stations. In 2024, the A13 barriers will be removed in favor of a free-flow toll model, with no need to stop. This system will be used to improve traffic flow on the A13 motorway. Traffic jams will decrease and 9.5 million liters of fuel per year will be saved between Paris and Normandy, equivalent to the annual consumption of 11,000 cars!
To find out about other work in progress on the A13 motorway, you can count on the Sanef 107.7 radio, the Sanef & You App. or on the Twitter feed @sanef_1077.

Who are the men and women in yellow on the A13 motorway

The women and men in yellow are the highway agents. They take risks every day to make the journey of users of the A13 motorway safer and more pleasant.
In fact, around 50% of accidents are caused when the men in yellow put down work beacons, and around a third of the impacts occur when responders come to the aid of injured or broken down drivers.
Here are some safety rules to avoid endangering them, the occupants of your vehicle and yourself:

  • Never encroach on the hard shoulder. Emergency and road maintenance vehicles travel on it, often at low speed, and broken down vehicles can take refuge there.
  • Slow down as soon as you see the visual signals of the intervention vehicles... and move to the left lane.
  • Always respect the legal safety distance with the vehicles in front of you. Driving too close to a truck can, for example, prevent you from seeing the flashing lights in the distance.

A law that protects highway agents

In order to protect the men in yellow and other responders such as firefighters, repairmen or the police present at accident sites, a new text of law has been introduced and published in the Official Journal of September 18, 2018 It obliges drivers to respect a virtual barrier as soon as personnel working on the roadway or on the shoulder approach.