Sanef assistance - FAQ

Witness or victim of an accident on the motorway: what to do?

Statistics show that motorways are five times safer than secondary networks, but accidents can still happen!... So if you are a witness or a victim of an accident, it is important to adopt a few reflexes to ensure the safety of all!

The right reflexes to have when involved in an accident

As a victim of an accident, it is first of all very important to turn on your hazard lights (if possible). If the condition of your vehicle allows it, try to park on the hard shoulder as far to the right of the road as possible.

If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy and you are able to move, leave it and your passengers and get to safety on the embankment, behind the guardrail or as far from the tracks as possible!

Once all the passengers are safe, it is time to contact the emergency services.

There are several possibilities to do this:

  • Reaching the nearest emergency call centre: there is an orange terminal every 2km;
  • Use the free SOS Autoroute application(provided it has been installed and configured beforehand)
  • Contact our services on 09 708 08 709 (no surcharge) by selecting choice n°3
  • Call the 112 and communicate your location as well as possible: motorway number, direction of traffic, the landmark indicated on the central reservation or on the side of the road

For the deaf/mute, you can contact the 114 by SMS.

WARNING: We advise you not to install a triangle ahead of the accident. It is not compulsory on the motorway and its installation can put you in great danger by exposing you to traffic!

How to act when you witness an accident?

  • Do not take any risks by giving assistance on the track. The priority is to warn people. In this case, too, you have the possibility to:
  • Go to the nearest emergency terminal (less than 1 minute to reach it) and contact the emergency services so that they can intervene as soon as possible!
  • alert our services at 09 708 08 709 (no surcharge) by selecting choice n°3
  • use the free SOS Autoroute application

Useful reminder: If you choose to use the phone, do not put yourself in danger in addition to breaking the traffic law. Have a passenger call or stop at an area to give a safe warning.

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