A breakdown, accident or difficulty when going through the toll gate? We make sure that there is always someone to respond to your call for help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can travel with confidence!

Breakdown assistance on the motorway: the professionals lend a helping hand

An overheating engine, flat tyre or no fuel in the tank? For your safety and the safety of your passengers, don’t take any unnecessary risks: don’t attempt to do the repair yourself! On the motorways, only approved breakdown assistance providers are authorised to intervene by fixing the problem or towing your vehicle, in full and absolute respect of strict safety rules.

To obtain motorway breakdown assistance, raise the alert via:

  1. Telephone number +33 (0)9 708 08 709
  2. Emergency roadside telephone box
  3. The free App. SOS Autoroute.

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approved breakdown assistance providers

Raising the alert: be cautious and stay safe while dealing with the emergency

In the event of a breakdown or accident, it’s urgent to raise the alert.

  • Stop the vehicle on the hard shoulder,
  • Put on the yellow reflective jacket,
  • Get out of the vehicle, and wait behind the safety barrier.
  • Call +33 (0)9 708 08 709 or use the emergency roadside telephone box or the emergency app. SOS Autoroute: your best ally to raise the alert and wait safely for the breakdown services to arrive. 

However, don’t bother with the warning triangle! It’s not obligatory on the motorway and you will be taking unnecessary risks from oncoming traffic. Switch on your hazard warning lights and keep your sidelights on especially if it’s dark or foggy.

It’s all in the location sign!

Nothing looks more like a motorway than another motorway… So how can you tell emergency assistance teams exactly where you are if you don’t have the SOS Autoroute application that locates you automatically? It’s very simple, just look for the white and red signs in the central part of the motorway. They indicate the name of the motorway that you’re driving along and the kilometric location marker: a modern-day milestone!

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