Sanef assistance - FAQ

What to do in case of a breakdown on the motorway?

The failure does not prevent but when it occurs, it is necessary quickly give the alert to obtain assistance from one of our patrollers and trigger the movement of an approved repairman, the only authorized professional to intervene for roadside assistance.

What to do when you break down on the motorway

Are you on one of our motorways and your vehicle breaks down? No need to panic and endanger yourself, your passengers and the other users of our network. For optimal support of your vehicle broken down, it is strongly recommended to follow our advice to ensure everyone's safety!

Here are our 4 steps to follow in the event of a breakdown on the motorway:

1) Stop safely

Is your vehicle showing some signs of weakness? First rule: try to reach the nearest area to stop completely security. If this is not possible, stop on the hard shoulder emergency. For maximum safety, move away from the flow of traffic by parking as far to the right as possible.

Second reflex, signal your presence by turning on your hazard lights.

Now is the time to report your breakdown: before get out of the vehicle, put on your retroreflective vest (yellow or orange) to be visible from afar!

2) Report your breakdown

To report the breakdown of your vehicle, several options are available to you, you can give the alert via:

  • the +33 (0)9 708 08 709 ;
  • Emergency roadside telephone box;
  • The free App. SOS Autoroute.;
  • call 112 and communicate your location as well as possible: phone number the motorway, direction of traffic, the landmark located on the central reservation or on the side of the roadway;
  • for the deaf/mute, you can communicate with 114 by SMS.

Our advice: prefer the alert via an emergency call terminal or the SOS Autoroute application (must be configured before your trip). You will thus be immediately geolocated by our services and your support will be faster!

Good to know: do not try to call on a friend or try to fix your breakdown on your own. Only our approved repairers are authorized to intervene on the motorway (see list below).

3) Get to safety

Once the breakdown has been reported, it is essential to put yourself and your passengers, safe behind safety barriers or on the embankment Keeping yourself as far away from traffic lanes as possible. To do this, exit imperatively by the doors on the right which are the closest of the guardrail.

CAUTION: do not use the safety triangle. It is not recommended on the highway because its installation exposes you to traffic!

4) Wait for the tow truck

You and your passengers are now safe behind the barriers of security. All you have to do is wait for the intervention of our approved repairman. This should happen within 30 minutes of your breakdown report.

If the recovery of your vehicle must last more than 30 minutes, your vehicle will be evacuated to the nearest motorway rest area so that the repairs can be made. If it is impossible to repair your vehicle on site, it will then be towed to the workshop of the convenience store or at the location of your choice!

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